National Service Scheme (NSS) is a noble academic extension programme envisioned at national level, with a view to bring our academic institutions closer to the society. It is an educational programme for personality development of the students through community service. The basic concept of National Service Scheme is to give an extended dimension to the Higher Education system and orient the students to community service while they are studying in an educational institution. This is to create social consciousness among students, by establishing a meaningful linkage between the campus and the community, especially the rural community. The cardinal principle of the programme is that it is organised by the students themselves and both students and teachers through their combined participation in social service, get a sense of involvement in the task of national development. Fulfilling this vision of extending social services of the academic community, the National Service Scheme of Mar Athanasius College has been playing a pivotal role since its inception in forming a well organised linkage between the campus and the community and it has grabbed many honors for its outstanding performance.


The aim of the N.S.S is to educate the students through community service and to enrich their personality and deepen their understanding of the social environment in which they live. It is intended to arouse the social conscience of the community by preparing them to be useful to the society. The membership in N.S.S is voluntary and is strictly on a selective basis. Each student is subject to its discipline and code of behaviour. Every student attending the N.S.S. will be required to put in the minimum time equivalent of 120 hours in each academic year, to be eligible for the certificate issued by the university.  Dr. Alphonsa C.A and Dr. Eldhose A Y (Dept. of English) are the programme officers of the college unit.

 NSS REPORT 2020-21

 NSS REPORT 2021-22

 NSS REPORT 2022-23