Projects Done

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Projects 2023

  • Minor Research Project sanctioned by MAC Research Fostering Scheme -2023 on the topic ' An exploratory study  on Smart Phone Addiction and Academic Procrastination amonmg the undergraduate Students in Kerala'.

  • 1.  Synthesis and Characterization of cellulose based sustainable nano composites for water remediation under MAC RFS programme-1, 00000 lakh.

  • Ongoing Minor Research Project funded by MAC Research Fostering Scheme on ‘The Dangling Puppets’ in The Good Girls: A Nuanced Ethnographic Portrait of the Wheel of Justice in New India" in June 2023 

  • Synthesis and charecterisation of MXenes: An Emerging material, Funded by M A College Association, Amount sanctioned Rs 100000

Projects 2022-2023

  •  International Emerging Action Scheme (IEA)-Institute of Lumiere Matter (iLM), University of Lyon1, CNRS Institute France 

Projects 2022

  •  Minor Research Project  submitted on 'Anamika ki kavithavon men Stri- vimarsh' under RUSA Scheme.

  • Photocatalytic degradation of persistent pollutants using magnetic ferrite/MoO2 nanocomposites (11-7-2022 to 10-7-2025), Funded by SERB, Amount Sanctioned : Rs 2376880 

Projects 2021-22

  • Student Project Qualification and quantification of liquid food samples using different spectroscopic tools and calibration model funded by DCE under ASPIRE Scholarship (August-December 2021)

Projects 2021

  •  RUSA funded Minor Project on the topic " Financial Literacy among Working Women in Rural Area with special reference to Ernakulam District.

  • KSCSTE Student Project entitled "Investigations on Polyaniline Nanocomposite Materials for Carbon Monoxide Sensing at Room Temperature" (Completed)

  • KSCSTE Student Project entitled "Synthesis and Characterization of Highly Conducting Polyaniline Carbon Nanotube Composites as Anodic Material in Polymer LEDs" (Completed)

Projects 2020-22

  • Minor project under RUSA Scheme Titled 'Rough sets in Algebraic Structures.'

Projects 2020-2023

  •  DR DS Kothari Post- Doctoral Fellowship for the proposal entitled “Green Synthesized Metal Nanocluster Graphted TiO2 for Photocatalytic Conversion of CO2” 

Projects 2020

  • A study on the ISSR patterns of Various Banana varities in Kerala

    Cloning and Characterisation of azoreductase dye degrading gene from Bacillus aryabhattai,

    Cloning and Characterisation of squalene synthase gene from Hemigraphis colorata

    PCR based replicon typing of plasmids of MDROs from clinical isolates,

    Isolation and Phylogenetic analysis of Biosurfactant Producing Bacteria from Oil refineries

  • One Student project from Kerala State Council For Science,Technology and Environment (KSCTE)  

Projects 2019-21

  • Minor Research Project titled Numerical study on the broadband light absorption enhancement in thin-film plasmonic solar cell funded by RUSA (April 2019 - March 2021) - Completed

Projects 2019-20

  • Student Project titled `Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles using ocimum leaf extract and their characterization' funded by KSCSTE (March 2019 - February 2020)

Projects 2019

  • Studies on the effect of nonmetal doping on the structural, electrical and magnetic properties of nanoferrites - Minor Research Project funded by MoE under RUSA scheme

  • 1.  Rusa Student Project: Synthesis, characterization and application of lanthana- graphene oxide nanocomposite-15,000/-

  •  Minor Project funded by RUSA - Study on Women Entrepreneurship in Micro Enterprises in Urban Area- with Special Reference to Ernakulam District

  • The Crisis of Complete Man: A Study of Shifting Paradigms of Masculinity in New-Gen Malayalam Cinema
    RUSA –Minor Project

  • RUSA Minor Project entitled "Conductive Polymer Nanocomposites as Anodic Materials for Optoelectronic Applications" (Completed)

  • RUSA Student Project entitled "Synthesis and Characterization of Polyaniline Nickel Tungstate Nanocomposites" (Completed)

  • “Cloning and Characterization Of Squalene Synthase gene from Hemigraphis colorata” as principal investigator- Rusa Funded student project

  • “PCR based Replicon Typing of MDROs from Clinical Isolates” Rusa funded Minor Project

  • Principal investigator in RUSA funded Minor Research Project titled "Screening for Beneficial microorganisms from Mangrove and Wetlands"at Department of Microbiology, Mar Athanasius College, Kothamangalam, Ernakulam

  • Catalytic Multi Component 1-pot process for the Synthesis of Spiroannulated Systems : Green ways to sustainability and Health Care - Minor - RUSA  - Completed

  • RUSA Minor Project: 009/2019/MRP/RUSA dated 01/04/2019. Sancioned Rs. 4,90000/-

Projects 2018

  • Assessment of probiotic potential and health benefits of bacteria isolated from natural milk sources.

    Bioprospecting of novel metabolites from marine bacterium and its in-silico analysis against SARS-CoV-2.

    Isolation and characterization of bacteria from rhizosphere microflora of medicinal plants and in-silico studies of proteins involved in regulatory mechanism.

    A study of anti-quorum sensing potential of rhizosphere microbiome isolated from medicinal plants in Kerala.

    Bioremediation and bioactive potential of bacteria isolated from plastisphere.

    A study of anti-fungal potential of chitinolytic bacteria from marine environment.

    Screening and characterization of caffeine degrading bacteria isolated from coffee contaminated soil.

    A detailed study on biodegradation potential of petroleum hydrocarbons by bacterial diversity in soil.

    A Detailed Study on Biological Activity of Morinda citrifolia (NONI).

    Bioprospecting of Marine Bacteria from Crustacean Shells Collected from Arabian Sea off the coast of Cherai.

    Purification, characterization, and antifungal activity of chitinase from Serratia marcescens

    Biodegradation Potential of Bacterial Diversity from Petroleum Hydrocarbon contaminated soil.

    In-vitro Screening and Identification of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria from Marine Environment and Cost Effective Production of Biofertilizer.

    Isolation, Identification and Characterization of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria Stenotrophomonas maltophilia from Arabian Sea.

    In-vitro Screening and Characterization of Marine Bacteria as Novel Biofertilizer.

    Bioprospecting of Marine Bacteria as Novel Biocontrol Agent against Selected Fungal Phytopathogens.

    Bioremediation of Heavy Metals using Selected Marine Bacterial Strains.

    Bioprospecting of Marine Bacteria as Novel Bio-control agents against Fungal Phytopathogens

    A Study of Plant-growth Promoting Potentials of Bacteria Isolated from Marine Environment.

    Bioprospecting of Novel Antibacterial, Antioxidant and Antielastase Agents from Marine Bacterium; Serratia marcescens.

    Bioprospecting of chitinolytic bacteria from marine environment.

    Characterization of Chitinase with anti-fungal activity from Serratia marcescens isolated from marine environment. 

  • Checking For The Effect Of Apc Gene Methylation In Breast cancer,Anumol T A ,2018

    Methylation specific PCR assay for the Detection of Promoter Hypermethylation in Rar-Beta Gene in Breast cancer,Logia Jolly,2018

    Chemical Characterisation and Isolation of Pigments Produced by Penicillium herquie

    and Talaromyces thilandensis,Praseeda V Nair,2018 .

    Analysis of genetic diversity of biochar containing soil by ISSR banding pattern and scoring of bands- Ponnamma Jisha, 2018.

Projects 2017

  • Generalized Graphs and Fuzzy Graph Structures - Minor Research Project funded by UGC SWRO, Bangalore 

  •  Co-Investigator of a Completed Major Research Project ‘Wet Oxidation

    Process over nanoceria based catalysts as green route for water pollution
    Remediation’ sponsored by KSCSTE(2014-2017) - Rs. 16,80,160/-
  •  Ongoing minor research project sponsored by RUSA- ‘Studies on the

    antimicrobial evaluation of hydrazone schiff base transition metal complexes
    synthesized by green routes’- Rs. 5,00,000/-
  • Worked as Project Fellow in The Emeritus Scientist Scheme Project Entitled "Developing Model Diagnostics and Modelling Using Ordered Data" with Grant No. DO No.001/KESS/2015/KSCSTE dated  17/12/2015 of Kerala State Council of Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE) under Dr. P. Yageen Thomas Emeritus Scientist (KSCSTE) from 03 April, 2017 to 31 December, 2018. 

  • Association of CYP2C19 Polymorphism of Clopidogrel among General Population of Kerala, Athul Ben Thomas 2017

    Preliminary Evaluation of CYP2C19 Gene Polymorphism in Healthy Populaton of Kerala; Asna Ashraf 2017

    Female specific ISSR based SCAR marker development in Combojia gummigutta;Neethu Johnson ,2017.

    Evaluation of genetic variability in W24x mutation in Connexin gene of Kerala population,Mubeena.P.M,2017

Projects 2016

  •  ‘NRI Investors Perception Towards Mutual Fund Co. in India’, paper presented at the three day National Conference on “Indian Capital Market: Opportunities and Challenges” organized by PG Department of Commerce, Christ 3 College(Autonomous), Irinjalakuda, Thrissur, in association with Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), New Delhi, on 16th to 18th February, 2016.

  •  ‘Brand Preference of Soft Drinks among Youngsters in Eranellur Grama Panchayath’, in the Interdepartmental Paper Presentation Competition, SPARK 2016, organized by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), Vimala College, Thrissur on 12th February 2016.

  •  ‘Impact of Tourism on Indian Economy’, in the Kerala Collegiate Education Department sponsored Two Day National Seminar on “Economics of Indian Tourism” organized by Department of Commerce, Govt. Arts and Science College, Thrithala on 13th and 14th December 2016. 

  • Minor Project: Internet Marketing of Tourism in Kerala- with special reference to Idukki district (UGC sponsored, Completed) 

  • Carrier Frequency Estimation of Mutations in W24X in Connexin gene of Kerala Population, Anie G B 2016.

    Analysis of FoK1 Polymorphism in the VDR gene of Type II Diabetes Mellitus Patients In Kearala Population,Sandra Boban,2016

  • Completed a UGC funded Minor Project on “Rising from Flames: A Panoramic View of Dalitayanam in Indian Epics.” (2014-16) 

  • Scientist Mentor of the KCSTE – Back to Lab Programme –Project titled “Microstructurll Investigations in gas sensing of Doped Tin Oxide Thin Films” by Smt. Prasannakumari K. through order No. 1150/2015/KSCSTE dated 04-03-2016 for three years; Amount 1,28,0257/-

Projects 2015

  •  ‘A study on Green Banking Initiatives to Sustainable Development in India’, paper presented at the “Emerging Trends in Banking, Insurance and Financial Services” Organised by Research Department of Commerce, St. Thomas’ College (Autonomous), Thrissur on 17th and 18th March 2015.

  • Devakoothu :Women in Cultural Heritage of North Malabar- Minor Project Funded by UGC 

  • Muzris Heritage Project of Kerala Government: A Socio Political Impact Assessment- Major Project funded by ICSSR 

  • Completed one U.G.C sponsored Minor Research Project for the topic “Constructing Power Discourses: A Study of Black Feminist Sisterhood in Fiction” on 30-03-015.

Projects 2014


  •   Wet Oxidation Processes over Nanoceria based Catalysts as Green Route for Water Pollution Remediation - Major Research Project funded by KSCSTE, Thiruvananathapuram

  •   UGC Granted Minor Project submitted on 'An Analytical study of social Aspects in the novels of Krishna Sobti'.

Projects 2013-2014

  • UGC sponsored minor project 

Projects 2013

  •  Co-investigator in UGC funded project titled Isolation, identification & Characterization of Hydrocarbon degrading bacteria  a Bioremediation tool  at Department of Microbiology

Projects 2012-2014

  • Minor Research Project of U.G.C titled "Decoding Gender and Language in Poetic Discourse: An Analysis of Tara Patel's poems Single Woman

Projects 2012

  • Generalized Study of Frames and its application in Information Science - Minor Research Project funded by UGC SWRO, Bangalore 

  • Completed UGC Minor project on 'Changing Powerstructure In Dual Career Nuclear Families In Ernakulam District,Kerala' In 2012.

  • UGC Minor Project entitled "Synthesis and Characterization of Metal Oxide/Polyaniline and Metal Oxide/Polypyrrole Hybrid Materials for Possible Gas Sensing Applications at Room Temperature" (Completed)

  • Two Student projects from Kerala State Council For Science,Technology and Environment (KSCTE) 

  • Asha Mathai, UGC sponsored Minor Research Project on the topic, "Eco criticism in the writings of P Valsala"(2012) 

  • UGC minor Project via letter No.F.MRP(S)-1233/11-12/KLMG038/UGC SWRO dated 13-07-2012 Rs. 51000/-

Projects 2011-2012

  • The MInor research project titled "INTRODUCTION OF DIFFERENT TOPOLOGICAL CONCEPTS IN THE THEORY OF FRAMES" mainly explores how the concepts of second countability and separability in toplogical space can be adapted to the realm of Frame theory. The research study produced an effective definition and characterisation for both the above concepts in terms of frame theory.

Projects 2011

  • 1.  Preparation, Characterization and catalytic application of nano lanthana, UGC, Minor project, 20011-2012, 1,50,000

  •  Impact of Paddy Land Conversion in Kerala: A Case Study. UGC funded.

Projects 2010-2012

  • Completed a UGC funded Minor Research Project on Ecological Reflections in the Vedas: A Study of A.K.Ramanujan’s poetry (2010-12) 

Projects 2010

  •  Catalytic Wet Oxidations of Pesticides over Mixed Nanoferrites at Mild Temperatures: A Green Approach for Water Pollution Remediation- Major Research Project funded by DST, New Delhi under Fast Track Young Scientist Scheme

  •  Screening Of Herbal Plants And Ascertaining Their Effect Of Their Extract On The Inhibition Of Mammalian As Well As Hyaluronidase Isolated From Pathogenic Bacterial Strains And Proposing Novel Potential Microbicides Minor UGC Completed - Minor - UGC - Completed

Projects 2009-2024

  • Principal Investigator of U.G.C. funded Minor Research Project entitled “Conservation of Wetlands- A pilot study on the pollution status of Kuroor Thodu River in Kothamangalam” (project completed) Rs.60000/-

    Principal Investigator of RUSA MHRD funded Minor Research Project entitled “Bioprospecting of actinomycetes collected from forest topsoil of Thattekkadu regions for probiotic application in fish culture systems” (ongoing) Rs.225000/-


    • A study on indicator bacteria and potential pathogens prevalent in the waters of Kuroorthodu stream, Kothamangalam Municipality and their role in the microbial pollution of the stream (PI Dr. Selven S. and Jinu P. as student investigator) 2011. Total amount sanctioned Rs.10000/- (completed).
    • Analysis of pathogenic intrusion in Kuroor stream, a drinking water source at Kothamangalam municipality, Kerala (PI Dr. Selven S. and Shaheer P as student investigator) 2012. Total amount sanctioned Rs.10000/- (completed).
    • Isolation and characterization of Xanthomonas sp. from Kothamagalam area and comparison of their xanthan gum production (PI Dr. Selven S. and Priya Jose as student investigator) 2013. Total amount sanctioned Rs.13000/- (completed).
    • Isolation and characterization of plant growth promoting bacteria from earthworm species of Kothamangalam area (PI Dr. Selven S. and Neenu Jayan as student investigator) 2013. Total amount sanctioned Rs.10000/- (completed).
    • Isolation and characterization of intestinal bacterial flora of selected termite species from Kothamangalam municipality, Kerala (PI Dr. Selven S. and Nikitha K P as student investigator) 2014. Total amount sanctioned Rs.13000/- (completed).
    • Isolation and characterization of marine actinomycetes from Kochi area. (PI Dr. Selven S. and Roshna V Shajan as student investigator) 2014. Total amount sanctioned Rs.15000/- (completed).

Projects 2009

  •   Minor and Major Research Project

    1. Completed one minor research project funded by UGC-‘Synthesis, structural
    and spectral characterisation of transition metal complexes of
    phenylsemicarbazones’- Rs. 55,000/-
  • Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Rare Earth doped Nano Pillared Clay Catalysts - Minor Research Project funded by UGC SWRO, Bangalore