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Life Science have moved to the forefront of science and technology in the 21st century and Zoology has become a dynamic and increasingly important subject with the advances in molecular biology and genetic studies, imparting fascinating and significantly new insights in to many aspects of animal life. Although the study of animal life is ancient, its scientific incarnation is relatively modern and the institutes are obliged to develop in depth understanding of various aspects of the subject.
Postgraduate course in Zoology started functioning during the academic year 2012-13 with 12 students and 2 teachers. The student strength was increased to 15 in the year 2015. The mesmerizing world of animal life is revealed through the syllabus which covers Biosystematics, Biochemistry, Genetics, Embryology, Cytology, Molecular Biology, Physiology, Microbiology and Biotechnology.

 "To be a globally recognized center of excellence in zoological research, education, and innovation, fostering a profound understanding of the intricate web of life and contributing to sustainable solutions for the preservation of biodiversity."



Conduct cutting-edge research in zoology, pushing the boundaries of scientific understanding and contributing to the global body of knowledge.

Deliver high-quality postgraduate programs that equip students with a deep understanding of zoological principles, critical thinking skills, and practical expertise.

Foster an environment that encourages curiosity, creativity, and a lifelong passion for learning among students.

Contribute actively to the conservation and sustainable management of biodiversity by integrating research findings into practical solutions for wildlife preservation and habitat restoration.

Promote public awareness and understanding of zoology through outreach programs, seminars, and community events.

Foster interdisciplinary collaborations within and outside the department, promoting synergies with other scientific disciplines, technology, and industry partners.

Dr. Selven S.
Assistant Professor and Head Department of Zoology Mar Athanasius college (Autonomous), Kothamangalam

EXPERT from outside the Parent University
Dr. Koshi P.M.
Associate Professor Department of Zoology
St. Stephan's College Pathanapuram, Kollam

EXPERT Nominated by the Vice Chancellor (MGU)
Dr. Y. Shibuvardhanan
Professor and Head Department of Zoology
University of Calicut Thenhippalam

Dr. Sunesh Thampy
Project Head
Planet Earth
Kaynes Technology India Pvt Ltd
23-25, Balagola food Industrial Area
Metagalli P O

Sri, Janish P. A.
Assistant Professor
Department of Zoology
Maharajas College Ernakulam-682011

Dr. Shaju Thomas
Associate Professor( Retired) Dept. of Zoology,
Nirmala College, Muvattupuzha

Dr. Aji C. Panicker
Assistant Professor,
Dept of Zoology
Mar Athanasius College(Autonomous) Kothamangalam

Dr. Aby P Varghese
Assistant Professor,
Dept of Zoology
Mar Athanasius College(Autonomous) Kothamangalam

Dr. Binitha RN.
Assistant Professor,
Dept of Zoology Mar Athanasius College(Autonomous) Kothamangalam

Deepasree P.M
Assistant Professor,
PG Department of Zoology Mar Athanasius College(Autonomous) Kothamangalam

Liya Babu
Assistant Professor,
PG Department of Zoology
Mar Athanasius College(Autonomous) Kothamangalam 

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HOD’s Desk


To head a postgraduate department of a very prestigious autonomous college is a great honour and privilege. Established in 2012, The postgraduate department of zoology is proud of ten batches of students who have successfully completed their course in Mar Athanasius college.The faculty could impart fascinating, significantly new insights of animal life into the minds of dynamic youth,majority being girl students. In strict compliance with the vision of the founder of the institution,a great sense of love towards the nature is developed in the minds of community associated with our students. Many environment related studies and activities enhanced the knowledge for the conservation of nature and natural resources.Two well equipped laboratories,well maintained by our laboratory assistants are areas of inculcating practical awareness in the fields of Biochemistry, Embryology, Cytology, Genetics, Microbiology, Environmental science etc.
             I am greatly indebted to Prof. Dilmol Varghese,my predecessor and other faculty members for leading the department to such a height.Their commitment and dedication have contributed much to the uplifting of the department.This has made my way smoother.....


Head of the Department

Programme Offered

M. Sc Zoology

Application Method:

No of Intakes:

B. Sc in Zoology or Equivalent

Self financing or Aided:



Course Duration : 2 Years

Ornithology and Birdwatching

Application Method:
Direct Entry

No of Intakes:

MSc. Zoology Students can join

Self financing or Aided:



Course Duration : 30 Hours


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